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grenadier-of-bullets said: I wonder if nepeta talked about her feelings for karkat postmortem? Maybe he shares those feelings but never thought to mention it, which contributed to his growing rift with terezi, which ended with her and gamzee together? Even if not, karkat clearly likes hanging out with nepeta, as evidenced by "nepquest". Which is nice.


Sometimes I wonder about that too, but I think she just completely kept them secret. I wouldn’t go that far with the Terezi thing but lemme just tell it how I see it.

My headcanon is (while using canon elements), Nepeta developed a crush on him way before we saw them in Hivebent. But she didn’t mention it to him because he and Terezi were dating during this time and Terezi is Nepeta’s close friend. Terezi was Karkat’s like…first teenage crush. The kind of crush where you feel that this is the only person you’re supposed to be with and there’s no one else. 

While that’s cute and all, it just went downhill from there and Karkat became super gross towards Terezi. Some point after they separated Karkat may have learned of Nepeta’s red feelings by maybe stumbling upon something, I figure shipping wall paintings or something like that. Because Nepeta showed no hint of her crush towards him when they spoke or hung out. She spoke to him just like anyone else and gave him tons of personal space too,

Karkat, still vacillating over Terezi, just pushed away those thoughts when he learned of them. But not in a way like most of the fandom writes it out where he hates Nepeta. On the contrary, he just basically tip toes around it, acting like he doesn’t know because he doesn’t want to be the asshole that breaks her heart. 

Though, he still cares about her greatly as a friend, defending her name against Eridan who was being a desperate douchebag wanting to get with her. And although Karkat probably hates the roleplaying thing, heck that’s Nepeta and he would humor her. Plus, Nepeta, Karkat, and Terezi did communicate a lot together. Like in that one panel, the memo one. Terezi and Nepeta were rping and not taking Karkat’s shit while Karkat was rolling his eyes. 

But Karkat wouldn’t be upset to spend a day with her. Even if its not romantic they could still kick it and watch shitty romcoms while he and Nepeta would debate on the concept of romance. (His being only romcom knowledge while Nepeta knows romcoms are fake and you gotta have irl experience) 

I feel like Karkat is the type of person who hates change. Even if not with Nepeta, Karkat could have picked another troll to be in a quadrant with during the times before the meteor. But no he felt like since he started with Terezi he’ll end with Terezi. 

Terezi had no ill feelings over Vriska when she blinded her because it brought her closer to her Lusus, finally speaking to her. And Vriska was even seeking a kissmessitude with her (before her death). But Karkat always spoke bad of Vriska to Terezi, hinting that he didn’t approve of that even though Karkat has no say over anyone’s relationships.

Terezi dated Dave and Karkat wanted to interfere, trying to share her. Terezi hung out a bit with Latula, while Terezi was intimidated by her, seeing her as really R4D and not feeling like she stood up to that, she still liked her, but Karkat badmouthed Latula to Terezi saying she’s insane just like all the other Dancestors and she’s fake. (Again pushing people out of Terezi’s life)

When it came to Gamzee, she just dated him in the shadows and Gamzee even mentioning he didn’t want Karkat to know. 

But the point of all of this is, at least Terezi tried, she wasn’t afraid of starting anew but Karkat is. Imagine how much differently things would have been if Nepeta had lived and Karkat gave her a chance. (or anyone else)

Imagine if Nepeta had been alive period. She’s the Rogue of Heart. She steals happiness to give to her friends. A lot of them could use a ton of happiness. 

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Anonymous said: What would happen if meulin and nepeta were to get into a fight about the better boyfriends, makaras vs vantas'? Do you think they would circle each other like lions while kurloz and karkat cheer from the sidelines? Well kurloz would just be signing but still


i think Disciple and Nepeta would probably judge Meulin but then when they get to know Kankri they’re like…oh ok yeah


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i redrew the doodle i did from like 3 months ago Gosh look at that improvement.


i redrew the doodle i did from like 3 months ago 
Gosh look at that improvement.

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